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NGC supports exercise LOYAL LEDA 2020

   Exercise LoLe-20 that evolved between 5 and 20 November 2020 in the ARRC (Gloucester-UK), MND-SE (Bucharest–Romania), and JFTC (Bydgoszcz-Poland) has been successfully concluded.  Rex Barnes’ GGR Training - UK, with its great experience in the field, provided a team of JTLS (CAX) operators, some of which comprise part of the staff and partners of NGConsultans AS (NGC Innovation AS).

   It has been a very informative and educational project for all the participants involved. NGC Innovation AS takes pride from the fact that it has once again proven its ability, to provide experienced, well trained, staff for very demanding tasks, such as a NATO exercise, notwithstanding that the conditions were extremely difficult and dynamic due to the CoViD-19 pandemic.

   NGC Innovation AS would like to thank all of its colleagues, and partners who took part in the exercise, successfully supporting its conduct. Special thanks also to Mr Rex Barnes and GGR Training for the outstanding cooperation once more.


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