Innovative Solutions for Fleet Managemnt

ARGO lets you track your vessels at a glance. Based on existing, reliable, monitoring applications and established equipment it provides your HQ and your vessels with near-real-time data, allowing you to focus on every other aspect of your day to day operations.

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Five steps to use ARGO

  • 01

    The Need

    Vessels need to be tracked and managed efficiently.

  • 02

    The Plan

    A full management plan can be produced via ARGO's tools.

  • 03

    On the Vessel

    ARGO's module for vessels is installed in all your ships.

  • 04

    The Server

    Customization of your ARGO server according to your special needs.

  • 05

    You Got It!

    Start using ARGO and we are here for you 24/7 for support.

Use your mobile and track your fleet

The Mobile App

You can keep your vessels tracked via your mobile phone, anytime, any place with ARGO MOB.

Security Alerts

Ensure your vessels route and safety by getting security alerts on line using ARGO's security module.

Weather Conditions

See the latest wether conditions for the areas that your fleet is sailing and optimize your vessels' routes.


The Tools

A lot of useful tools are available in ARGO. Reports, naval maps, navigational warnings, ECA zones, coordinates and distance measuring tools just make your life easier.

Naval Maps

With all related data, satelite information and Navigate & Pay options our maps coming straight forward from the market leaders to offer you a unique tool for being competitive and effective..


ARGO, just the best.

Take a look on this video and find out how to use ARGO, the most reliable and innovative tracking vessel system and make your life easier.

Welcome On Board with NGC AS using ARGO VTS
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