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We offer executive training services for military, security, cyber, intelligence and CAX. We have the experts, the experience, the knowledge and the system to train personnel effectivelly and efficiently with tools related to Game Theory and Simulation.

Most of our training services are available both On Line and On Sight. For integrated training services you can request an offer by completing the form below. You can find our training courses catalogue by clicking the button on the left.

Computer Assisted Exercises (CAX) was developed as a unique training methodology for strategic and operational training of military staff. We used the major idea of CAX to develop the NGC CAX Training which can be used as a comprehensive training methodology for a set of different domains and management levels. We do offer executive training in CAX planning, preparation and execution and we provide practical solutions for developing customized modules for CAX.

Our experts combine a set of different skills, like strong military backgound, operational planning deep knowledge, programming, mathematics and project management. The combination of those skills allowed us to create a standard path for developing customized training systems based on the extended use of simulation (Live, Virtual, Constructive, LVC) which are used to support realistic and effective training in different domains and levels.

Our experts' strong military backgound guarantees high quality level for operational and tactical military and security training. As we have unlimited resources we can set up experienced and strong skilled training teams that are capable of providing training solutions worldwide, as well as we can offer On Line training solutions.

Training without objective evaluation of the trainees can lead to negative training results. The most important issue for us in NGC is to estimate the outcome of our training services. For that reason we have developed a unique and innovative plan to evaluate trainees and provide a secure picture of the real results of our training. Our customers will ensure that their effort to adjust specific skills to their personnel is our concern and we do offer the tools to prove it.

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