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Supporting Operational Planning Projects

Our unique Operational Planning Support methodology is related to a step by step secure and efficient process which enables planners to develop an operational plan based on their own doctines, capabilities and special characteristics.

Even more, our experience and knowledge is encouranging operational personnel to incube new ideas and planning procedures to excisting doctrines that otpimize the planning process and customize plans without affecting the general ideas and objectives.

Operational Planning Process (OPP) support is one of the most valuable expertise of NGC, as we have experienced and very high level proffesionals to fulfil all requirements

We follow certain steps for customizing our services but we use our innovative methodoloy based on a dynamic process to provide a full plan of operations together with documentation which supports the plan efficiently

Scope of Operations (SOP) as one of the most valuable expertise is the key factor of our services where we are putting together an initial analysis with a detailed planning

In our working procedures it is important to specify in a time wise way the operational objectives as well as the expected achivements of the Opartaional Planning

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