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Integrated Simulation Solutions

Applied simulation assists decison makers to test and validate the effectiveness of their planning in a virtual capacity, eliminating risks and reducing costs that come from real-world testing.

As real-world data often suffers from bias, or there simply may not be enough of it, simulation is the key factor to support vissionary projects where syntheitic data offer a realistic representation and close - to - reality analytics.

Dynamic modeling in organizations and agencies is the collective ability to understand the implications of changes over time. This skill lies at the heart of successful strategic decision process. The availability of effective visual modeling and simulation enables the analysts and the decision-makers to boost their dynamic decision by rehearsing strategy to avoid hidden pitfalls.

What Col. Brad Smith Camp Shelby Commander mentioned, "Soldiers can actually perfect skills before they get in combat. Mistakes are easy here. We can correct mistakes here, we can't correct mistakes there", is the key factor of our philosophy. Military training via simulation makes training more effective in all levels of operations and prevents operational staff from mistakes which most of times are equal to casualties.

Security and cyber security training based on integrated simulation enables organizations, agencies and security profesionals to describe threats and dangers as well as the plans to prevent or to eliminate them. Security Training simulation models are now the unique and innovative tools that provide the most sufficient, realistic and effective training solutions to all personnel related to security, physical, networking, operational and tactical.Just ask for our global services.

Decision makers and operational planners are in front of a huge issue most of times that is related to the variety of dangers, threats and unknown - hidden "traps" that different Courses of Action (CoA) are generating in the modern environment. A comprehensive approach of this problem is pointing to a hybridic simulation solution where different CoA's are faced as parts of o holistic planning and assist oprtational staff to plan, decide and act effectively. We do support solutions that include hybrid operations simulation models.

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