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The integration of unique software tools, innovative methodology and multidomain - multilevel know how give us a certain advantage to lead a project to sucess. Our expertise spans across a wide area of fields and interests. Our military experience together with our technical and academic background is the key factor of our methodology.

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NGC Methodology

In NGC you will find the right people

All of our experts bring with them knowledge and experience. This combination together with the reliability and respect to our customers and partners ensure a safe path for succesful projects.

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NGC Corporate Responsibility

Whatever comes to NGC stays in NGC. Trust and confidence are key words within our partners and customers.

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Customization Optimization

NGC is following a business model that is based on our customers needs and targets. NGC's capability to offer exclusive services, tailor made solutions and flexible business models has been highly appreciated by our customers. Even more, we are determined to offer the optimal solutions, this is our value added advantage in every competition.

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Business Model

Services & Products

The main domains of our expertise remain those of military and security. We have supported several projects worldwide, including organizations as NATO, EU, UN. Our continuous quest for innovation is oppening new opportunities and interesting fields of research and development. Civil Protection, Media, social development and shipping form our new era for succesful projects. Brand new services and tools span acress simulation, fleet managemnt, on line media operations and social enterprising.

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Realism & Inspiration

In NGC we compine realism and inspiration. We wish to be a part of our customers vision and we encourage them to share with us their future planning. NGC people ensure that our customers' visions will come true as they reform them to realistic planning and even more to succesful projects.

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