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AI Jounior Developer

Artificial Intelligence junior developer for co-developing projects related to design, administration and support of online media.

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IT Specialist

Information technology specialist with extended knowledge in RDBMS, Web Development and MS Tools certified.

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Satff Officer

Staff Officer to work as Project Manager in high value projects related to operational planning.

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Communications Technician

Senior technician for communications netaworks with remarkable experience in NATO communications systems

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Targeting SME

Subject Matter Expert for support NATO exercises Scenario Development projects as targeteer.

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Scenario Developer

Subject Matter Expert (SME) for developing Scenarios for NATO exercises, supporting exercises as Grey - White - Red Cell SME, EXCON support.

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Civili Military Cooperation (CIMIC) specialist for supporting NATO exercises scenario development and execution phases as CIMIC expert.

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Logistics SME

Logistics SME for supporting NATO exercises scenario development and execution phases.

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Strategic Information Operations SME for supporting NATO exercises scenario development and execution phases.

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Liaison Officer

Liaison Officer to develop, manage and support EU projects related to Security and Defence domains.

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Financial Officer

Financial Officer to support high scalled european projects, to work with EU financial officials and organize working teams for evaluating business cases within the EU.

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Security Assistant

Security Assistant for EU Security Organizations to support security projects related to development of security systmes based on behavioral biometrics.

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IT Manager

Information technology manager capable to design, manage and deliver fully developed products and services related to information management, knlowledge based libraries and information security.

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Human Rights Officer

Human Rights Officer to support United Nations missions in Asia, Africa and South America as evaluator of International Law compliance for governmantal and non governmental agencies and independent organisations.

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