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Be creative with NGC and think out of the box

We care about our customers' money and time. We do provide a set of innovative On Line services to ensure safety, security, efficiency and effectiveness. We do promote "thinking out of the box" to develop creative plans and satisfy our customers' needs via a unigue business model...

NGC Business Model
Just follow our path and get precise and secure

Step by Step to the target

  • 01


    Just fill up the requirements template that NGC has developed for you.

  • 02


    NGC Project Analysis and cost estimation will surprise you.

  • 03


    We have the knowledge and the experience to ensure effective planning.

  • 04


    Now it's time to work hard! Our brain is dedicated to the project.

  • 05


    A set of SME's is here for you, just ask for the right people.

Unilimited support for your projects

We are here for you 24/7

Either on Line or On Sight we are available to support our customers in every condition. Our tech capabilities together with our tank of SME's can provide unlimited worldwide support.

Shipping Services

The idea of fleet management as a value adding service is now available by an innovative application that can even work by a mobile phone! Optimize your naval routes and Navigate & Pay.

Tailor Made Services

Starting from a requirements analysis we propose the most appropriate idea to support effectively and efficiently your work. We assist our customers to the right tool for them and Pay as they Use!



We can offer' integrated simulation capabilities for international customers based on their own needs and requirements. Simulation oriented training and planning projects save money and time together with the option to produce analytics after the action.

Training Events

Our exclusive and inventive training approach, bolstered by simulation and deep machine learning capabilities, motivates learners to accomplish training goals and guarantee superior performance in their real-world assignments.

Strong Military Background, Software Development, Project Management, Modeling & Simulation, Operational Planning

Our Managing Team

Integrated training solutions, software development, operational planning, simulation, and digital marketing are all areas in which we have extensive experience.

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